China Day 16


What an intense day it was.  Upon getting to the airport and checking in, we were called back to the desk because the plane we were taking was too small to fit all of our luggage.  Mine was one that was left behind and sent to the next town.  Kind of frustrating, but I should be getting it back tomorrow afternoon.
We did our first straight to venue, the bus ride was 2 hours to the venue from the airport.  Definitely a hurry up and wait scenario, as we were projected to arrive there at 6:30 but got there before 5:30.  The hall was nice, and the Timps were some old old Premiers with those weird hydraulic style pedals again.  Luckily I have seen them once on this tour, so I was a bit more prepared.
Dinner, sleep, bus to airport.
A few commentary items… It’s funny to me that everywhere we go, people are snapping video and photo of us just doing random things like walking or setting up.  Sometimes I feel like we are on display or something.  It’s kind of bizarre.  I guess Europeans and Americans don’t really travel to some of these towns hardly at all, so maybe they have just never seen white people :)

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