China Day 15


Early early morning today to catch a flight to Tiayuan. Three hour bus ride followed by a two hour flight.  The air quality was… Brown.  Though I could see the blue skies for the first time in a long time, the actual quality of air was poor, and my allergies were killing me.  I have never been so grateful that we don’t have this kind of pollution allowed in the states.
Quick lunch and nap at the hotel, then off to the gig.  The hotel was… Interesting.  The shower had no curtain, and a large window with no shade.  I
It also reeked of diesel exhaust, but we later realized that this was because of an open window.  The venue was absolutely breathtaking.  A ballroom with three built in screens, a ridiculously huge chandelier, crazy lighting schemes… The works.  The outside of the building had a light show of its own, some of which I got video for.  Same Adams Timps Asa last night, except these were in tune with themselves.  It’s really nice playing on the same drums for three out of the last four nights.
Good show, we were really setup close together, but I could hear so much better, which was a plus.  It was really easy to be able to lock in.  Afterwards, dinner, a little hang, and then a good seven hours of sleep, that was much welcomed.

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