China Day 14


We have done quite a bit of back and forth traveling on this trip.  Hangzhou is south of Shanghai, getting towards the coast, and therefore it was a bit easier to breathe.  The hotel was nice, the lobby was incredible, and had wifi, so I finally was able to catch up on some work.  Lunch consisted of a lot of seafood items.  Really not much to say here, truthfully.
The gig was good, the venue was nice… I really need to start writing immediately after things happen, because the days are starting to bleed together in my mind.  The Timps were good Adams models, a little out of tune but overall pretty good.  After the show we hung in the hotel bar, and decided to try and go out for a bit.  We found a jazz/tapas bar, but it was way overpriced.  We then started to walk around the town.  The streets right by the hotel were very alive, even at midnight, with street vendors selling meats and goods and grilling them in front of you.  But as we ventured farther, things were kind of dead.  At one point, when I was walking quickly across the street to avoid an oncoming car, a guy on a moped without his headlights on came out of nowhere and came within inches of running over me!  I literally had to put my hand on the hood of his bike and kind of ricochet off of it to avoid getting my foot crushed.  Luckily, he and I were both ok.  Anyways, we wound up in a karaoke bar, but they were charging 600 yuan to rent a room, so we bailed.  Tried to take another way home, which made us seem fairly lost.  Some cops hanging out seemed to be following us for a bit, but I think I’m really just overly paranoid.  After about three miles of walking, we got back to the hotel and chilled.

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